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Industrial First Aid

The need for first aid trainning is greater than ever today. Populations are growing throughout the world and the use of mechanical and electrical appliances and chemical at home, at work and at leisure increases the risk of injury.

The Malaysian Red Cresent Society, is accredited  to conduct first aid course and certified exam throughout the offers courses tailored to suit the needs of various groups one of which is "Indusrial First Aid" . The syllabus is attached below.


Introduction- What is the First Aid ?
Wounds and Bleeding                                - 1 hour
 Fractures and Dislocation                          - 1 hour
 Burns and Scalds                                      - 1 hour
 Shock                                                      - 1 hour
 Adult One Rescuer
    CPR ( Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation )- 3 hour
 Lifting and Tranportations                         - 1 hours

Examination & Certificate:
There is an examination at the end of the course and the participants who passed the examinations will be awarded with a certificate .
Please contact your local Red Creasent office for further enquiry and registration.

Negeri Sembilan Branch Office ( 06-7639097 )

Kursus Pertolongan Cemas Industri


1.   Luka-luka Pendarahan              -   1 jam
2.   Patah tulang dan terkehel           -   1 jam
3.   Terbakar dan melecur                -   1 jam
4.   Renjatan                                    -   1 jam
5.   CPR (Resusitasi Kardio
      Pulmonari)                                -    2 jam
6.   Pengangkutan Mangsa              -    1 jam

Peperiksaan dan Sijil

Peserta perlu mengambil  peperiksaan dan sijil akan diberikan.

Jika ada kemusykilan, bolehlah menelefon kami di nombor 06-7639097 (waktu pejabat)